DIY Vase

This is a really fun and easy project, not to mention CHEAP. This technique can be applied many different ways to create a knick-knack appropriate for the decor of your home!


  • Rubber bands, an assortment of sizes
  • Spray paint – metallic spray paint was used in this example. It is about $3.50/can at wal-mart. Colors would also work, as well as frosted spray paint; it’s your preference.
  • A bottle – we used an empty wine bottle.



  • Remove the bottle’s label
  • Wrap the bottle in the your chosen design using as many rubber bands as you please
  • Spray paint
  • Once dry, remove the rubber bands.



  • To remove the label there are several tried and true methods, but it really depends on what kind of glue was used to attach it. Three suggestions: soap, warm water, and a rough scrubber; blow dry the label, the hot air often melts the glue and allows you to peel the label off easily; a razor blade, as always, be very careful.
  • When wrapping the rubber bands, MAKE SURE to not let them twist. The band needs to lay flat on the bottle. This will make better lines and more definite edges.
  • Spray paint VERY LIGHT coats. The glass is incredibly slick which allows the paint to drip. If that happens, it doesn’t look as nice.
  • We used candles to decorate, but any number of items would have a happy home in your new vase!

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