See Glass Become Sea Glass

You know those lovely stones that often get strung onto necklaces and wired onto earrings? The ones with a beautifully vintage feel and a soft soothing color.

Rarely do you find this washed and mellow look on anything larger than a stone, but there’s an easy DIY to bring the calming sea into your home on more pronounced accents.

You’ll need only two items and something to paint on! This DIYer, Miss Elizabeth Matthews, took some tired old candle sticks and revamped them with a sea glass finish using Elmer’s Glue-All and a few drops of food coloring.

Aren’t they stunning? Imagine creating a stained glass window with this recipe!

Check out some more craftastic glass ideas from our friends at Glass Doctor® on this Pinterest board!


  1. I love this idea. Just to let you know the link provided doesn’t bring you to anything about the recipe or vase.

    • Thanks for letting us know! It now goes to that entry on her Picasa account 🙂
      Glad you liked it! We thought it to be pretty darn brilliant and can’t wait to try it around the office!

  2. sketchedsoul

    Wow, these are pretty…and it’s so simple to get them like that 🙂 … love the colors.

    • Aren’t they beautiful? The only tricky part to this craft is preventing drip marks so you really have to nurse the paint and be mindful. But they turned out lovely!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving us a comment! We love hearing from folks 🙂

  3. Deborah Bago

    Love this idea !!!! It looks like something my daughter and I could do 🙂

  4. LeDena

    I also tried to find the recipe. I saw your comment that it is on her Picaso link? Can you please tell me how to find that. I’m not sure what that is. I’m new to pintrest. We just moved to the coast and I am decorating with shells and this sea glass would be a beautiful addition. Thank You

    • Hey LeDena! I’m so sorry for the confusion. It’s hidden throughout the 50+ comments on her picture, so it’s difficult to direct. We pulled her answers from the chaos though and here is what she had to say for her method:

      “I used Elmer’s Glue-All poured into a cup and then added small amounts of Wilton’s Food Coloring until I liked the color. Then I used a soft paint brush . It’s amazing after it dries it really dries transparent. It took a while but I think as it started to dry a bit I went back and brushed out the streaks and the drips. If you do it for a vase you need to paint the outside because it is not water proof. Hope that helps!”

      I think you could probably do the same thing with Mod Podge instead of Elmer’s as it also dries clear. Mod Podge is water resistant where Elmer’s is not. Mod Podge has not yet been tested though!

      Show us some pictures once you’ve completed it! You can post it on facebook and then tag us 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. k

    Stunning! Gorgeous!!! Delightful!!!!!!! I soooooooooo want to go try this RIGHT NOW!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Beautiful! We’re so glad you’re excited!

      We hope you are having a wonderful start to the new year and that you’ll get back in touch with us after you’ve made your own sea glass!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. 3 months ago, I just moved out to a place where coastline is far from where I live. I’ve been thinking how to do a DIY sea glass. Thanks for sharing this! Great idea!

    • My Home Life Mag

      Thanks very much, I’m so glad you found it helpful! Find us on Facebook or Twitter and once you’ve finished your project, tag us! We’d love to see your results 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind words.

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