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People will always and forever be spinning their wheels trying to achieve an all-elusive balance. The scales are tipped: family, home, work, finding time for each and a balance of organization, etc. Some of our most popular posts center around various methods for organization; we have focused on  the kitchen and more specifically a few ideas for decluttering pot and pan storage as well as some general tips for household organization.

It’s time to spotlight the ladies, though. What does your jewelry collection look like? My guess is that most of you have a big, ball of shiny mess and one or two necklaces you actually wear with one or two pairs of earrings that have sustained a lasting relationship with one another. Today, we reach out to you and help you get that tangled metallic ball undone and start using and appreciating your collection more fully. Check out these ideas and share with us if you have some of your own!

An intricate collection of boxes within a frame is the perfect home for bangles. From Sarah Illenberger.

We love the use of this multi-teired hanger from Stripes and Sequins.

This piece is being sold on Etsy for $39 in Patrick Murphy’s shop. A distressed frame with some wire netting and few hooks is the perfect home for lots of jewelry.

This towel rod with shower curtain hooks is the perfect way to display necklaces. From EnigeeredStyle.

Most standard bottles are the perfect size for your bracelets. Keep your favorites on the top though! From Decoratrix.

You could hang a utensil tray, some are even more intricate than this. From Mini Manor Blog.

Vintage frames become classy drawers become elegant jewelry displays. From The Looking Glass.

If you just have a few earrings to display, how about this little cheese grater? So simple. From GroovePress.

If you’re the stark opposite, try paint sticks. They’re free, customizable, will house TONS of jewelry, and only put two holes in your wall. From Infarrantly Creative.

The use of the branch here is unparalleled and brilliant! From Cori Kindred. (For more ideas in decorating with branches, check out Twiggin’ Out!)


  1. Wow, those are all such great ideas! I am going to have to try a few eventually!

  2. Thanks for featuring my jewelry organization! I originally found the idea from, and it works so well. Sometimes simplicity is the key, and a shower rod & hooks fit the bill!

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  4. These jewelry display are really good ideas and save $$$ too. They look really good for fairs and event as wel.

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