Organizing Your Child’s Space

Kids fail to honor the same code of organization you have firmly set through the home… you’ll see a change in this pattern when they are about 24 years old.

Too True!

To help keep your sanity between now and then, we have compiled some tips!

1. Get on your child’s level and see how they see. If putting things away is not easy or obvious for your little ones, they won’t put it away.

2. Encourage your child’s help and input throughout the process. Allow them to not only help with the organization and learn how to clean, but also to ask them where they want to store their toys and various items.

3. Get plenty of storage boxes and labels. You have to implement a system easy for your child to follow.

4. The key, the one secret to total success, is this: make it hard to get out and easy to put away. If the effort is putting the toys away they simply will not be put away; if the effort lies in getting them out, fewer toys will escape into the vast expanse of tick-off-mom-and-dad spots.

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Get your kids organized without a headache! -

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