Easy Ways to Save Money

By Kayla Farr

With summer coming up, many families are starting to plan out their annual vacation.  One of the best parts about these vacations are the fun memories that will be made.  For some, these trips might be a little more difficult when it comes to money; life gets in the way and it is hard to save sometimes.  There are many “get rich quick” ideas on the internet that don’t really seem to work a lot of the time; however, there are tips and tricks out there that make saving money much much easier to do.  We have compiled a list of some of our favorite ways to cut costs and save a few dollars along the way.  You will be able to afford that vacation before you know it:

  • Create a savings plan:  Make the plan and stick to it.  Each week, set aside an amount of money to save.  We recommend saving $50 one week and $30 the next week. This provides a little wiggle room when it comes to spending, changing up the amount will allow you to spend just a little more on some weeks. Carry this out over 6 or 12 weeks to get yourself in the habit of saving.
  • Turn everything off: Doing this might sound obvious; however, we don’t think about how many lights we leave on sometimes or how we forget to turn the television off occasionally.  If the weather is nice, turning the air conditioner off when you aren’t home or during the day can save you lots of money on your energy bill.
  • Say no to that coffee: The four dollar coffees really add up. Saying not to buying coffee just one day a week can save you about $200 over the course of a year.
  • Grocery shop after you eat: Going to the store when you are hungry will only make you want to buy more food, and you are more likely to impulse buy some Oreos… or chips… or both.  This can only cause you to spend more.  So, if you eat before going to the store, you won’t want to buy as much and will be more likely to stick to that grocery list.
  • Clean out your closet: Selling some of your clothes will not only help you get more organized, but it can also be some quick cash.  Do you really need those shoes you haven’t worn in a couple of years? Probably not.
  • Exercise: If you normally drive somewhere close and time permits, walking can help you save gas.  For example, if your gym is close enough that you can walk to it everyday instead of driving.  This will benefit you in terms of health and your wallet because you will save money on gas.

There are many things you can do to save money; even the little stuff adds up! Do you have any more money saving tips?  Let us know in the comments below!

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