Finish the School Year Strong

By Mary Cate Scroggins

For many students and parents, it can be difficult to stay focused once spring break is over. The finish line is finally visible, but there are still tests and many deadlines to complete before then. Here are some ways to keep a motivated mind even after a week of vacation, and finish the school year strong:


You probably were organized once the school year began, but with only a couple months left, it’s easy to fall behind on the maintenance. Sort through loose papers and double-check your planner’s deadlines to ensure everything is correct. If your child needs help, find a time to work on it together. It’s important for the parents and children to be equally as organized.


Being overly busy often leads to sleep deprivation. In order to perform well, every human requires a sufficient amount of sleep. Leaving your procrastinating ways behind will help tremendously! 


Setting goals and reaching them is a wonderful accomplishment! Rewarding yourself is a helpful way to stay motivated during the process. Whether it’s your favorite meal, a new toy or spending time with friends, it’s nice to have an extra incentive to get things done.

Stay healthy

Proper exercise and food intake is crucial for your energy levels! Prepare well-balanced snacks to bring to school, work or other activities. Also find time to exercise whether that’s taking a quick ten-minute walk or just spending time outside. It’s always helpful to get some fresh air.

Don’t let these last couple months slow you down! Keep your mind focused and summertime will be here shortly.

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