10 Things To Do with That Extra Hour of Daylight

By Kayla Farr

Now that the time change has officially begun and we have sprung forward, an extra hour of daylight is welcomed by many. There are many things that one can do with the extra hour of daylight. If you are still wondering what to do with that extra hour, we have some ideas for you:

  • Exercise: For some, an extra hour of daylight means an extra hour to exercise outside. Exercising outside will allow your body to get some extra vitamin D as well!
  • Spend time with friends: Going out to dinner or catching up with a friend over coffee will allow your day to be a little brighter. The extra hour of daylight will also make you feel like it is a little earlier in the day.
  • Take an hour off from technology: Taking an hour away from a phone/computer/television screen will allow your mind to rest. You could use this time to get outside and relax a little.
  • Clean out your car: Be honest, how long has it been since you have shown your car some TLC? The extra hour of daylight gives you the opportunity to get outside and spend some time cleaning up your car.
  • Cook: Taking the extra hour to plan out some meals for the week will also give you some extra time later on to enjoy the extra hour of daylight.
  • Go on a picnic: Take advantage of the extra hour of sun by going on a picnic with a friend and spending some time in the great outdoors!
  • Work on a DIY project: You know that project that you pinned on Pinterest, but haven’t gotten to do yet? Knock that project out.
  • Take a class/Join a team: Get outside with the extra daylight and join a team or take a class to learn something new and meet new people!
  • Learn photography: Take advantage of the natural light by learning how to take some cool pictures. Photography is a great hobby to pick up during this time of the year.
  • Clean: It only takes a short time to clean your bathroom or kitchen. If you aren’t a huge fan of cleaning, you can even make it fun: open the windows and turn on some of your favorite music!

What are you doing with the extra hour of sunlight? Let us know in the comments!

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